Who Am I?

My Story

I am a Saskatchewan girl who moved here in 1995 following the dream of the 'Alberta Advantage'.  My husband and I toured through Alberta into Red Deer, fell in love with this city, and have made it our home ever since.

My first career after college was in programs and services for people with disabilities in Central Alberta. The goal of each day was to find ways to help people achieve their goals. Over almost 20 years I was able to work with many interesting and inspiring people, and I learned the value of communication, negotiation and problem solving.

Then for a few years I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom with my three sons.  Life was consumed with bedtime stories and baseball games, school council and birthday parties.

When I knew it was time to move into a new career, becoming a Realtor was an easy decision.  I had always had a passion for real estate and knew it was time to put passion into practice.  I studied, got licensed, joined the top real estate brokerage in the region, and haven't looked back.  Every day is different, every client makes a lasting impression, and every transaction offers something new to be learned.  

That's me.